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Warehouses to rent



Structure Sectional ferroconcrete structure of pre-tensed elements providing operational heights of 10 /ten/ meters
Facade  Layered installation of metal c-cassettes having a mineral wad filling; facade sheet iron with a 0.63 mm thickness and 35 mm profile height – vertical installation;
Platform 1.20 m height from elevation ±0.00 m, 2.40 m width;
Roof  Flat
Walls Cover LT iron sheet with thickness 0.88 m and 153 mm profile height, steam ventilation membrane, heat insulation from hard mineral wad, having 8.00 cm thickness, 1 layer of hydro-insulation roofing felt
Lighting Roof lighting bands with built in open hatches /some of them serve as smoke insulation/. Hatches open with a pneumatic traction from a control board.
Doors Sectional doors for the storehouses, size 320 x 320 cm
Internal partition walls  Polyurethane boards, 6 cm thick.
Floor Concrete industrial covers, reinforced with metal fibers;
Load capacity  5.0 t/m2; 6 tons per stacking crane